Do you have a bird, or birds, you would like to surrender into the rescue?
Please complete a surrender form and one of our team members will follow up
within 72 hours to go over the next steps. We look forward to speaking with you.

There are many reasons why birds get surrendered to our rescue and each one is as individual as the bird that is being surrendered.  Loss of home, death, allergies, and incompatibility with family members are some of the most common reasons why birds are rehomed into our organization and we, as a rescue, strive to make this difficult process as easy a transition as possible for all involved (including the bird!).  Birds that are surrendered to us are immediately placed into experienced foster homes that provide them the love, care, and attention needed to help them find their forever homes.


Unsure if surrendering is the right step for you?

Our team of dedicated volunteers are committed to providing educational and behavioral resources to homes that may be struggling to adjust to parrot parenthood.  If you feel like you are struggling to provide the best care for your current bird, please reach out to our team at  We will do our best to provide suggestions and resources in order to ensure that your bird is able to remain in their current home.


Do you have a bird that you need to surrender?

Sometimes, for both the bird and their current household members, surrendering is the only option.  Filling out a surrender form is the first step towards establishing communication with our intake team.  Once a form has been submitted, a member from our volunteer team will reach out to you.  We understand how difficult a decision it is to rehome a member of your family and our volunteers understand and respect that.  There is no judgment, only a desire to do what is best for our feathered friends!


How long will it take to surrender my bird?

Because we rely on our foster network to house the birds in our care, the wait times can vary. This process is dependent upon the species, number of birds being surrendered and foster availability. Once a foster home is available, our intake team will reach out to you to make arrangements to drop off the bird and any cages/toys/food you wish to donate.


Where will my bird go?

All of our birds live in approved foster homes.  In order to be a foster with STAR, a foster must pass a background check, a vet check (for other pets) and have a completed home visit.  We make sure all of our fosters have had training on important and vital things to remember when caring for a parrot.

Should I donate the cage/toys as well?

PLEASE!  We appreciate supply and cage donations. To ensure the health and safety of the parrots, cages must be rust and damage free.





What if I don’t have a good cage?

Don’t worry, we receive generous donations of cages from time to time and will pull resources together to provide a proper cage for the bird while they’re with a foster family.

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