Gifts in Kind

We appreciate supplies and cage donations, depending on the size, condition and availability in our storage facility. To ensure the health and safety of our parrots, cages must be rust and damage free. If there are broken bars or doors, we will not be able to accept the cage. If the cage is in safe condition, please send us a picture, approximate size and let us know what zip code you live in. We will connect you with a nearby volunteer to arrange drop off of the donation.

At STAR, all our birds are housed in volunteer foster homes. Hosting the birds in people’s homes allows them to receive the social interaction they desperately need and provides them with a watchful eye over diet, the ability to be trained and more.


Occasionally, birds come into the rescue without a proper cage. Sometimes their cages are too small or in rough condition. Often, they lack perches and toys necessary to parrot happiness. When we do not receive a donated cage with a bird, we purchase or use other cleaned, donated cages for them.


Parrots LOVE shredding and destroying things. Toys for birds can be extremely expensive. We are blessed with amazing fosters who provide many of the necessary perches and toys, but these costs add up quickly. Your donations for toys, food and cages helps ensure that each of our birds has the proper size home, a variety of toys and perches and the necessary food for a healthy diet.

Have a cage, toys or food you want to donate?

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