Adoption Process

Adopting a Parrot


Research. And research some more.

The first step in finding a new friend in our adoptable birds is by looking at their bios to determine what bird would be a great match.  This is a decision that could ultimately impact your family for the next 20-80 years, so it is important to think carefully about what bird would blend well into your lifestyle and whether you can meet the demands of that species.  Most birds that come into our rescue have been surrendered because these demands were not thoroughly considered or addressed.  Research and proper consideration will play a key role in determining which of our available birds will be the right fit for your household.


Submitting an Application

Once the adoption application has been submitted, our adoption team will reach out to confirm the application is received, ask any follow up questions, and go over next steps of the process. Please note, the process may change slightly based on the individual bird in question.  No applicant will be considered until an adoption application has been completed.  



Once an application has been submitted, our team thoroughly reviews it to ensure that the bird you are applying for is potentially a good fit for your family, lifestyle and experience and to ensure that your household passes the initial adoption requirements.

If the bird is no longer available, or it is determined that the bird will not be the right fit, our adoption team will help you find a great match for your family – whether one of our currently available birds or a bird that comes to us in the future.  *Meet and greets with potential adoptable birds are not set up until the adopter has passed our pre-approval process (including vet checks and home visit).


Vet Checks

We perform vet checks on all applications, no exceptions. We ask that all current pets in the household (including birds) be vetted within the last year and, if applicable, be up to date on any state mandatory vaccines.

STAR provides necessary veterinary care and/or wellness exams for the birds in our care and quarantine each bird in their foster home for a period of 30 days before they become available for adoption and listed on our website.  This ensures that our birds are healthy and happy before going up for adoption.  Verifying that potential adopters have provided veterinary care for their current pets is a way of ensuring that they continue to thrive in an environment where their health is a priority.

We also conduct a landlord check when applicable, to ensure that any bird placed will be allowed in a rented home.


Home Visit

Once your application has gone through the initial review process, and any applicable vet & landlord checks have been completed, you should expect to hear from one of our volunteers to set up a home visit. Our home visits are conducted to ensure that the environment our birds are potentially being placed in is safe, clean, and properly set up to welcome a new feathered family member. This is also a great opportunity to ask any specific questions about the bird that you are applying for, advice on how to “bird-proof” your home and express any specific concerns you may have. Our volunteers are dedicated to providing you with the proper tools and education to make your potential adoption a success!  *Nervous about the prospect of a home visit? Check out our Home Visit – What to Expect Sheet HERE



Depending on the species and nature of the adoptable bird, the number of meetings to determine if the bird is a good match may vary. Larger and/or birds with a more complex behavioral or medical history often require two or more meetings. Compatibility is very important, and meetings are a great way to determine how comfortable you are with a specific bird and how comfortable they are with you. Birds, just like people, are individuals and their personalities, traits, and behaviors are taken into consideration when choosing a home for them.  If your meeting(s) goes well, our adoption team will move on to the final stages of the process.


Cage Approval

Prior to finalizing any adoption, a proper cage for your new friend will need to be verified by our adoption team. Every species has their own unique requirements when it comes to cages, and it is important that their new home meets those needs. Don’t have a cage yet? Our adoption team will be more than happy to provide suggestions.  Check out our adoption cage requirements and cage set-up guide HERE.  Keep in mind, specific birds may have additional requirements when it comes to cage set-up (i.e. a bird with a history of egg-laying may require slight adjustments from a bird without, and our team is here to help with this!).

Depending on a number of factors, the cage approval process may begin prior to meeting applicable birds.


Finalizing the Adoption

Once your cage set-up is finalized, our team will send over the adoption contract and invoice. Once completed, your bird’s foster will reach out to set-up a time for you to pick up your new feathered family member.  Don’t forget to bring a carrier to pick-up your bird.  Don’t have one? Pending availability, we are able to provide one for a small donation – just let the adoption team know you are interested in this option, and if we have additional carriers available, this will be arranged.



It is important to note that we do not process applications on a first come, first serve basis.  Rather we base our placement decisions on what home would be the best fit for each individual bird.


The birds in our care are intended as companion pets, to be kept indoors and provided appropriate cages. We do not adopt into breeding situations or homes where the intention is breeding.  Nor do we not adopt birds into aviary or zoo-type settings.