Our mission is to improve and enrich the lives of parrots through rescue, rehabilitative fostering, adoption and education.

When people think of animal rescue, they usually think in terms of dogs and cats, but did you know that birds are some of the most re-homed pets?


STAR – St. Louis Avian Rescue is the only 501c3 parrot rescue in the region. We’ve been serving the greater St. Louis and surrounding communities since 2002, helping to find new homes for companion parrots who often outlive their owners..


We are a 100% volunteer organization being run entirely by a love for parrots and a passion to better the lives of birds in captivity. This means every penny you donate goes direct to caring for the parrots in our care.


We are a foster-based organization. Birds who enter our adoption program are placed in foster homes where they become part of the family. Our volunteers foster a variety of bird species, with the eventual goal of placement in forever homes.


We care deeply for our avian friends, so our adoption process ensures both bird and new owner are compatible. While in foster home care, the birds are handled, tamed, fed and cared for with the intention of preparing them for their new forever home. Since our rescue does not have a brick-and-mortar location, our foster families are a crucial part of our organization.


We strive to educate and instruct the public on the importance of proper care and husbandry through social media, public outreach and in person events. You will find us at many events throughout the region, where the public can learn more about us, our birds, and our mission. See our events page to find out where the birds will be next!

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