STAR came into my life in 2017 when I became a foster for large birds. This quickly turned into a passion when I realized the need for foster homes who didn’t mind the challenge of trauma-based behaviors. During my time with STAR, I have taken on various coordinator positions and a director role. Now, as a Board member, I hope to apply my background of data analysis, effective communication, and ability to seek continuous growth to my position. When not volunteering, I am a Special Education teacher and absolutely adore working with children who learn in a different way. During my down time, I enjoy reading/writing, making bird toys, and working with my foster bird.



My journey with STAR began in 2016 when I attempted to donate a bird cage after the death of my 26-year-old Cockatiel. The President of the rescue suggested that I get another bird (of course) or try fostering for the rescue. As a foster, I discovered a great passion for working with the birds and helping them find a new forever home. During the years with the rescue I have worked in various roles, surrender; foster; adoptions, inventory, events, policy decisions and Board of Directors. As a Board member, I feel my strengths are attention to detail; diplomacy, welcoming new members, encouraging existing members and building relationships. Outside of the rescue, I work for a large telecommunications company in a customer service management position. My hobbies include quilting, gardening, and spending time with family.



My wife and I owned two birds prior to finding STAR. We came to an event in 2020, met and adopted Cookie, one of our Blue Crown Conures. After that, we both wanted to do more to help this rescue, including volunteering and fostering. As for my day job, I am an accountant. I’m analytical, love crunching numbers, and I have a strong accounting background. Outside of work and the rescue, I love to play video games, hiking, rooting for the new St. Louis CITY SC MLS team.



I joined STAR in 2004. It was known as Perfectly Precious at that time. I wanted to learn more about keeping birds as I hadn't had a bird since I was a child. My preference was for the larger birds but I knew I needed more experience and also that they would probably outlive me so I thought fostering would be a way I could enjoy birds and help the rescue. I started out fostering some cockatiels and eventually worked up to fostering Macaws and Cockatoos. During that time, I adopted 2 of my fosters, an Eclectus and an Indian Ringneck Parakeet. They have both since passed.



My experiences with a lively pet parakeet named Frito as a child sparked my life-long interest in parrots. I've been dedicated to the success of STAR ever since attending a local event and deciding to become a foster in 2021. It’s incredibly rewarding when dedication and patience pays off and a foster bird begins to overcome fears or challenges. It’s even more fulfilling when they find a great home! With a professional background in non-profit, non-governmental and association leadership, I look forward to applying my skillset to new strategic initiatives, programmatic growth, and public advocacy for STAR. When not working with STAR, I enjoy volunteering at a local food pantry, learning about paleontology, traveling abroad, crafting, and listening to crime podcasts.