Success Stories

STAR firmly believes that there is a perfect home for every bird and we are committed to searching for that home through our adoption process.  Whether a bird is with us for a few months to even a few years, we are endlessly searching for the best environments in which our foster birds will thrive.  Through our adoption process, we have met so many incredible adopters who have provided soft landings for some of our special rescues.  What does adoption look like at STAR?  Below you can see some perfect examples!


Meet Goosie, our disabled African Grey resident who has taken STAR by storm.  Goosie is a prime example of why rescue is so important and why we exist as a […]


Marika came to us as an urgent intake request in May of this year.   Her family was experiencing some personal struggles and realized that they could no longer care for […]


Tiny but fierce, Pepe came to us as a young parrotlet looking for love.  Her previous family cared for her deeply, but were inexperienced in addressing behavioral issues and ultimately […]


Angel is a 26-year-old female cockatoo who has experienced immense grief in the past two years. Angel was surrendered to STAR due to both of her owners experiencing health issues […]


Adopted Oct 26, 2021 Argo was surrendered to STAR in September of 2020. His owner was no longer in a position where she could care for him appropriately and he […]

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