Einstein the African Grry parrot was hatched in 1995.  He has been with one family his whole life until being surrendered to STAR due to his owners health issues.
He is a friendly bird and loves being talked to.  He speaks some Hebrew and English. He eats Pretty Bird pellets and all healthy people food. Some of his favorites are chicken bones and bananas. He should be fed a variety of fruits and vegetables cut into different shapes and sizes. He likes to chew up cardboard and is exploring shredding wood toys.  He has taken a few spray bottle baths with warm water.
He is very shy about stepping up so far. He did try to bite the vet tech but has been very gentle with his foster Mom.
Einstein likes observing  the activities of a young family and being the center of attention.   When handed small toys he will fling them across the room.  He has been raised around dogs and cats. His foster family has heard a few meows.
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