Meet Baby. She is an 18-year-old Greenwing Macaw. Baby is a very shy bird, but she will give kisses. She is a great eater and will eat most any fruit, veggie or nut. Her preferred pellet food is Zupreem Fruit Blend. She does have a malformed foot that happened at birth. It does not hinder her movement in anyway, but she is a little insecure about it. She also has infrequent seizures and can be a little loud through the duration. Baby does not speak yet as she is still very uncomfortable with people but is really making strides and coming around. She loves her wood toys, as she enjoys chewing on them. She does well with her foster mate. The best adopter for Baby would be someone who is very patient with her. She will step up for anyone, but it will take some time and a gentle hand to get her comfortable with you for her to allow you to touch her. She does great in the shower for a bath and will be a great companion for the right person!

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