Adopted Jan 17, 2022

Tiny but fierce, Pepe came to us as a young parrotlet looking for love.  Her previous family cared for her deeply, but were inexperienced in addressing behavioral issues and ultimately decided that it was best she be rehomed.  Pepe was picked up by her foster family and entered their household in a storm of energy, biting, and high-pitched squeaking.  Always the busy-body, Pepe loved to fly around her fosters’ house and shred toys to her heart’s content – but what she most wanted was someone with whom she could spend all day with and who would love her unconditionally, bites and all.
Pepe’s new mom came to meet her after recently losing one of her beloved birds and it was love at first sight.  Their family could never replace the bird that was lost, but Pepe (now renamed Midge) offered a different kind of companionship that helped heal that pain.  Pepe’s new mom describes her as “such a ham that adores every ounce of attention given to her.  She’s ornery and acts so tough, which makes us all laugh.  She also has a sweet side and loves snuggles and being carried around in your shirt.”  Pepe is truly a giant bird in a small body, oftentimes resembling more of a T-Rex than a bird, earning her the nickname “Tiny-diny” in her new home.
Pepe is proof that big things do indeed come in small packages!