Adopted Aug 3, 2023

Marika came to us as an urgent intake request in May of this year.   Her family was experiencing some personal struggles and realized that they could no longer care for Marika in the way that she deserved.  With limited resources available to them, they were doing their best but knew that it wasn’t enough.  When we accepted Marika into our foster program, she had been kept in a rabbit cage and fed dog food…so we knew we had a lot to work on.  Luckily, Marika has a fighting spirit and wanted to be strong for her surrendering family, who she knew loved her enough to let her go.


Marika made a lot of progress in foster care, where she was transitioned onto a healthy diet and given lots of new toys to play with.  However, her biggest transformation came after she was adopted.  Her new mom worked with her tirelessly to build up her confidence and turn her into the loving, happy companion that she was always meant to be.  We are firm believers that there is a perfect home for every bird, and Marika’s story is a great testament to that!


From Marika’s Adopter:

“Her current favorite place to exist is on my knee during every single meal. She loves head scratches (on her terms, of course, because birb) and it’s a far cry from being scared of hands. Basically asks to come out of her cage every morning and wants to spend most of the day on, or around me, or shredding cardboard or training… She’s so awesome and so special and so smart… She can identify most colors right now!”