Adopted Oct 26, 2021

Argo was surrendered to STAR in September of 2020. His owner was no longer in a position where she could care for him appropriately and he had become aggressive towards her due to a lack of interaction. When he was introduced to his foster family, he was very fearful of new experiences and would often scream in fright at toys, sudden movements, and sometimes his foster dad. After lots of patience and snacks, Argo would finally allow his foster mom to handle him and even give him small pets on the top of the head (sometimes she would even sneak in a little kiss on the beak). It was discovered that Argo was not aggressive at all and was just very shy and unsocialized.

Not long after being placed with his foster family, Argo found his forever home and has made lots of progress. Due to being fed an improper diet in his previous home, he had developed a plucking issue and was missing most of the feathers along his chest and underneath his wings. After a few months of being on an appropriate diet that meets the needs of his species, Argo’s feathers are growing in bright and beautiful! His new mom understood that Argo needed time and patience to overcome his fear of new things but after a lot of work, Argo has learned to love snuggles and kisses. He has even made some new bird friends! She said that his gentle and lovable nature has made him into an incredible companion.